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NYSID jobs well done satisfy state and local government procurement needs with approved goods and services, creating NYS taxpayers and sustaining NYS communities!


    40 Years of Looking Forward!

    NYSID jobs offer New Yorkers with disabilities the choice of facility or community-based employment, respecting individual growth and independence. Click to see how NYSID changes lives one job at a time.

    NYSID Dedicates Battle Buddy Centers in Rockland, Westchester


    Support #B4Stage4 During Mental Health Awareness Month in May

    NYSID recently dedicated its newest Battle Buddy Centers at Rockland Community College (RCC), in collaboration with Jawonio, Inc., and Westchester Community College, in collaboration with AHRC New York City and American Maintenance. Continue Reading....


    Did you know that it typically takes 10 years from the first time someone has mental health concerns until they get a correct diagnosis and proper treatment? Continue Reading....

    Kudos From Leaders, In the Halls of NYS Legislature and Beyond


    NYSID Hosts First CREATE Symposium Among NYS Legislators

    NYSID is grateful to our New York State and Congressional leaders for sending their congratulatory wishes as we celebrate "40 Years of Looking Forward." Continue Reading....


    Bottle redemption, clothing shelving, portable wheelchair access, and adaptive material measuring and cutting machinery were just a few of the assistive technologies on display at NYSID's first CREATE Symposium at the Legislative Office Building (LOB) in Albany. Continue Reading....


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