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NYSID’s annual business review on September 27th opened with a warm welcome by Carolyn Lords, who is employed on a NYSID Preferred Source contract at the NYS Commission on Quality of Care. “I’ve been working at my job for over five years and I really love it,” she addressed the crowd of 200 NYSID members, supporters and honorees, and other Preferred Source workers who lent a personal touch to this year’s Annual Meeting.

Back by popular demand, Annual Meeting 2010 kicked off with ‘The Star Spangled Banner,’ sung by John Schwartz of Living Resources, Inc. Carolyn then introduced departing NYSID President & CEO Ken Ringler who shared, “Working with Ron Romano and the NYSID staff has not only been professionally satisfying, but great fun as well. I know that under Ron’s guidance and leadership, NYSID will continue to flourish in providing jobs for those in this room tonight, and those across the state who work hard every day in support of loyal Preferred Source customers.”

Two of NYSID’s 2010 supporters were singled out as “Customers of the Year,” an occasion to spotlight noteworthy new business opportunities which created jobs.




First up, the New York State Insurance Fund [NYSIF] was named this year’s State Agency Customer of the Year for the more than 50 Preferred Source jobs it created in 2010. One of NYSIF’s new Preferred Source ventures is for document imaging services in Albany, where 29 New Yorkers with disabilities from Northeast Career Planning/The Norton Center, Inc. and Focused Technologies are involved. Richard ‘Mitch’ Mitchell, one of the contract mainstays, introduced the NYSIF award, stating “I would like to thank the Insurance Fund for helping me to be a better person than I ever thought I could be.” The NYSIF award was accepted on behalf of Deputy Executive Director Francine James by T.J. Conteh, Associate Attorney.

AM4JLeft to right: T.J. Conteh of New York State Insurance Fund accepted NYSID’s 2010 State Agency Customer of the Year Award from Richard ‘Mitch’ Mitchell of Focused Technologies, Inc. and Jim Flanigan, NYSID Board Chairman.


Next, the Local Government Agency Customer of the Year award was given to the New York City Human Resources Administration (HRA), and was presented by one of the more than 100 city residents employed on HRA’s 21 Preferred Source contracts, which includes nine new janitorial contracts for services at 26 HRA facilities. Chris Wolf of Fedcap Rehabilitation Services said, “I like my job because it gives me an opportunity to showcase my skills and abilities.” Thomas DiPippo, Senior Executive Deputy Commissioner, accepted the award for Commissioner Robert Doar.

AM5JThomas DiPippo, of the NYC Human Resources Administration (center) received NYSID’s 2010 Local Government Agency of the Year Award, presented by Chris Wolf of Fedcap Rehabilitation Services (right) and Jim Flanigan, NYSID Board Chairman (left).


Returning the spotlight to New Yorkers with disabilities, the William B. Joslin Outstanding Performance Award was then presented to Robert Wells of Gateway Community Industries, Inc. in Kingston. Robert became the seventh recipient of NYSID’s highest recognition of Preferred Source employment excellence, and was accompanied by a number of his Gateway co-workers. He graciously accepted his Joslin Award by saying, “Thank you, Gateway and NYSID, for the opportunity to help me grow and reach my goals.”


Robert Wells [third from left] celebrated his William B. Joslin Outstanding Performance Award with friends and co-workers from Gateway Community Industries, Inc.


Awards continued to recognize outstanding achievements, this time in the context of member agencies going the extra distance in 2010 to satisfy Preferred Source customers in support of jobs for deserving New Yorkers.

The Altamont Program, Inc., NYSID’s first 2010 “Member Agency of the Year” awardee, concluded this year with 42 contracts underway. What’s most impressive is how the agency stepped in at a moment’s notice to pick up the slack for six contracts from which another member agency abruptly withdrew, continuing customer service without missing a beat and maintaining 75 Preferred Source jobs. Father Peter Young, Volunteer Chief Executive Officer, commented, “We take pride in what our agency does, and how we provide a deserving population with the dignity of a paycheck.”

AM6J1Nathaniel ‘Nate’ Stoesser was among the 75 workers who kept a job during the transition, and was subsequently named Altamont’s NYSID “Employee of the Year.” Nate is employed as a custodian at a downtown Albany building, where he has excelled. He and one other employee now do the work that previously needed five people. Nate offered, “I am proof that when you do the right thing for the right reason, good does come. I would like to thank everyone here tonight, and say that the best is yet to come.”

Left to right: The Altamont Program was named a 2010 NYSID Member Agency of the Year. Nathaniel Stoesser received the NYSID ‘Employee of the Year’ from Altamont, while Father Peter Young accepted the agency’s award.


Lifetime Assistance, Inc. was also honored as a 2010 “Member Agency of the Year,” for its growing success as a business services resource to Preferred Source purchasers. LAICO Industries, the agency’s employment and training division, offers several job choices including the state-of-the-art Classified Shredding Services secure document destruction operation, where New Yorkers with disabilities perform multiple tasks from sorting customers’ documents to shredding and compacting bales for recycling. “Our folks are all about partnership and cooperation,” stated Jordon Brown, Executive Vice President/Chief Operation Officer. “Teamwork is evident every step of the way in our goal to satisfy Preferred Source customers.”

AM7JCheryl McCrea, Lifetime’s NYSID “Employee of the Year,” has been with the agency for more than 20 years, working on the LAICO Industries Mobile Janitorial Crew. Her example of overcoming challenges and growing in capability epitomizes the people-centered missions of both Lifetime and NYSID on behalf of New Yorkers with disabilities. Accompanied by her mother to the podium, Cheryl stated, “Thank you for this award. I am very happy to be here today.”

Left to right: Lifetime Assistance Inc. was also named a 2010 NYSID Member Agency of the Year, which was accepted by Jordon Brown. The NYSID Employee of the Year from Lifetime was Cheryl McRae.

Bringing Annual Meeting 2010 to a close, Ron Romano – incoming President & CEO – remarked, “Thank you to all these outstanding efforts showcased here tonight, and to all the key partners in NYSID’s 2010 Preferred Source success. You’ve helped set the tone for moving forward into Fiscal Year 2011, with renewed dedication towards greater business opportunities that create jobs for deserving New Yorkers.”

Ronald P. Romano, President and CEO

Jennifer Lawrence, Editor


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AM1JCarolyn Lords from Schenectady County Chapter NYSARC, Inc./Pineridge Industries called the audience to attention.

StarSpang1John Schwartz sang the National Anthem for the second year in a row.