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*Session Closed* NEW! Mastering Difficult Conversations
Tuesday, 9/19/2017 from 8:30am-12:30pm
Location: New York City Region -
Registration Time: 8:00am

Event Details

Location: AHRC Nassau, 230 Hanse Avenue, Freeport, Long Island

Who Should Attend: Employee, managers who seek to improve their conversation skills in difficult situations

Course Description:

Build confidence in approaching others to conduct an effective conversation when conflict exists and/or the stakes are high.

This session focuses upon the importance of checking your own frame of reference and understanding the same for others to ensure that the conversation is productive, rather than adversarial.

You will complete a Conversation Planner to plan the various components of a difficult conversation, with skill practice included.

Look at what's in store:

  • Define "frame of reference" to establish a motive for having the conversation
  • Establish positive intent and desired outcome to ensure that you exhibit concern and support during the conversation
  • Explain the "Fundamental Attribution Error" and its impact on intent
  • Describe the framework for an effective conversation and the required communication skills that assist in delivering the message
  • Describe how to mitigate risk during a difficult conversation
  • Complete a planner that acts as a guide in a difficult conversation

Presenter Bio.

Elaine Angelo, Pefrormance Consultant, ProKnledge, LCC.

Elaine has 25 years of experience leading human resource and staff development initiatives in a variety of organizations, including Fortune 500 non-profits, member associations and family-owned. She has developed and implemented programs that enhance employee engagement, promote internal advancement, build essential business and people skills, and recognize employee performance. Through her experience with 13 merger and acquisitions and three start-up ventures, she understands the development needs of employees who are challenged by an ever-changing landscape. In addition to the design, development and delivery of a wide span of professional development courses and HR topics, Elaine is an expert facilitator who shares her talents at team building sessions, retreats, conference workshops, professional panels, and executive coaching consultations.

Event is: OPEN

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