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  • Image Silo: https://login.imagesilo.com A website designed specifically for NYSID and its members to research market demand for products & services, Image Silo contains two years' worth of bids and awards for state & local government agencies, excluding products and services not accessible by NYSID members. Most bids & awards collected from Contract Reporter & BidNet. Free subscriptions for NYSID members; username and password obtained through Brian Bateman: bbateman@nysid.org.
  • NYS Contract Reporter: http://www.nyscr.org Collection of bid announcements (and occasionally award announcements) by all state agencies in NYS [excludes most municipalities]. E-mails bid announcements to members in their selected categories. Site is operated by Empire State Development (ESD) and costs $79/year.
  • BidNet: http://www.bidnet.com Collection of bids and awards, mostly from municipalities in NYS, which includes many actual RFPs and detailed award data. E-mails customers bid & award announcements throughout the day every day (depending on level of subscription). Subscriptions range from free to $565/year, depending on services requested.
  • Open Book New York: http://www.openbooknewyork.com Designed to show spending by state agencies and local governments in NYS. Spending & vendor data is available under "Search State Contracts." Site operated by Office of the State Comptroller (OSC). No subscription required.

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