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New Yorkers of diverse abilities and backgrounds work every day on NYSID Preferred Source contracts for goods and services!

In order to "turn business opportunities into JOBS for New Yorkers with disabilities," NYSID collaborates with member agencies to develop new products and services to meet government purchasing needs and foster jobs in our state.


Product Development Resources:

  • Image Silo: https://login.imagesilo.com A website designed specifically for NYSID and its members to research market demand for products & services, Image Silo contains two years worth of bids and awards for state & local government agencies, excluding products and services not accessible by NYSID members. Most bids & awards collected from Contract Reporter & BidNet. Free subscriptions for NYSID members; username and password obtained through Brian Bateman: bbateman@nysid.org.
  • NYS Contract Reporter: http://www.nyscr.org Collection of bid announcements (and occasionally award announcements) by all state agencies in NYS [excludes most municipalities]. E-mails bid announcements to members in their selected categories. Site is operated by Empire State Development (ESD) and costs $79/year.
  • BidNet: http://www.bidnet.com Collection of bids and awards, mostly from municipalities in NYS, which includes many actual RFPs and detailed award data. E-mails customers bid & award announcements throughout the day every day (depending on level of subscription). Subscriptions range from free to $565/year, depending on services requested.
  • Open Book New York: http://www.openbooknewyork.com Designed to show spending by state agencies and local governments in NYS. Spending & vendor data is available under "Search State Contracts." Site operated by Office of the State Comptroller (OSC). No subscription required.


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