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Who is eligible for membership?

NYSID membership is open to charitable, not-for-profit-organizations serving people with significant disabilities, and qualified veterans' workshops, which have been duly certified by the New York State Department of Education. NYSID Members across New York State support an efficient and economical procurement alternative, providing training and employment opportunities to a diverse workforce of people with disabilities while supplying customers with quality goods and services.

NYSID membership and good standing status is contingent upon:

  • Approval by the New York State Education Department of Education ACESS-VR
  • Execution of a NYSID Membership Agreement
  • Completion of an Annual Member Certification
  • Submission of most recent audited Financial Statements or tax returns
  • Other reporting such as Quarterly Employment Reports, Value Added Labor Exception Plans, and insurance certificates

For more information on becoming a member call 1800-221-5994 or contact Maria LaValle at mlavalle@nysid.org.

What are the Benefits of Membership?

NYSID's membership network creates a unified, consistent point of access for the Preferred Source customer - a "storefront" to facilitate orders and broker contracts. We assume responsibility for many of the business functions associated with Preferred Source procurement enabling members to focus on their core business. Those functions include:

  • Contract administration services
  • Management of billing and collections
  • Warehouse and distribution services
  • Financial services including its Guaranteed Payment, Interest-Free Revolving Loan and Matching Grant programs
  • Research and development of new and existing Preferred Source service offerings
  • Expanding member business prospects by researching potential contracting opportunities, educating current and potential customers on the Preferred Source program, and developing long-term customer relationships.
  • Cultivating relationships with decision-makers in state and local governments for continued support of Preferred Source procurement.
  • Advising Members on compliance with Preferred Source requirements to insure contract retention.


Product Development Resources:

  • NYS Contract Reporter: http://www.nyscr.org Collection of bid announcements (and occasionally award announcements) by all state agencies in NYS [excludes most municipalities]. E-mails bid announcements to members in their selected categories. Site is operated by Empire State Development (ESD) and costs $79/year.
  • BidNet: http://www.bidnet.com Collection of bids and awards, mostly from municipalities in NYS, which includes many actual RFPs and detailed award data. E-mails customers bid & award announcements throughout the day every day (depending on level of subscription). Subscriptions range from free to $565/year, depending on services requested.
  • Open Book New York: http://www.openbooknewyork.com Designed to show spending by state agencies and local governments in NYS. Spending & vendor data is available under "Search State Contracts." Site operated by Office of the State Comptroller (OSC). No subscription required.


Financial Assistance: