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TIP: Frequently Asked Questions

Lending Library

What is the Lending Library?

It is a list of publications and resources that are available on loan for all member agencies free of charge. Topics include, but are not limited, to Leadership, HR, Custodial, Motivational, etc.

How long can I borrow material from the Lending Library?

NYSID allows a period of 2 weeks but it can be extended. If a time extension is needed, please notify NYSID ASAP at Jennifer Ciccone or 518-463-9706 ext 219 as there may be a waiting list to borrow NYSID resources.

Can anyone borrow material from the Lending Library?

No. You must be an employee of a NYSID member agency.

How do I borrow material?

Fill out the online Lending Library form found on the Lending Library section of the website. Please provide all contact information. Once NYSID receives the request, a letter of approval is sent to your e-mail address. The material is shipped via FedEx or UPS.

How do I return borrowed material?

You can package the material and send it via FedEx or UPS addressed to:

NYSID Training Department
11, Columbia Circle Drive Albany, NY 12203.


Is there a fee for TIP trainings?

No. NYSID trainings are free of charge to all NYSID members and associate members.

Can I make copies of the session handouts to train my department?

Copies are at the consultants' discretion. Nothing can be copied unless approved by the consultant.

Does NYSID provide onsite training to member agencies?

No, NYSID provides training in centralized locations so that all member agencies throughout NYS have the opportunity to attend sessions.


How do I register?

You can register online, or upload and complete the registration form on the Request Information page and fax it to 518-455-0319, or contact Jennifer Ciccone at 1-800-221-5994 ext 219, jciccone@nysid.org .

Can I register 5 people under one name?

No. You must provide all information for each participant for training preparation purposes.

What is the maximum number of people that can register per agency?

Agencies can register as many as they wish, however, only 5 registrants will be confirmed. The rest would be placed on a waiting list. If the session(s), does not fill, the registrants on the waiting list will be confirmed to attend.

I registered but have not received a confirmation notice, what do I do?

If you have not received a notification letter, please contact Jennifer Ciccone at 518-463-9706 ext 240 or 1-800-221-5994 ext. 219, or by email at jciccone@nysid.org. NYSID sends a notification letter notifying you of receipt of your registration. The notification letter is not a confirmation of a reserved seat. NYSID sends out confirmation notices within 4-6 weeks prior to the training session.

Why do you need my cell phone number?

If an unpredictable situation arises, such as bad weather, and NYSID is forced to cancel or reschedule the training, NYSID will attempt to contact each registrant to notify them of any changes. All contact information is crucial.


How long do I have to cancel my registration?

If you are unable to attend, we ask that you inform us immediately to cancel your registration to allow a colleague to take advantage of your reservation.

Can someone from my agency take my reserved seat for training?

Yes. If you know ahead of time, it is best to notify NYSID so that name tags and tents can be printed for the new registrant. If it is a last minute change, the substitute can attend as a walk in and NYSID will make all necessary changes then.

Dress Code

What is the dress code?

For your comfort, the dress code is business casual for training courses. Please remember that meeting rooms frequently vary in temperature from being too warm to too cold. We suggest that you layer your clothing or carry a jacket or sweater.